Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snake, Teeth, Flips

Monday after school I promised Hannah that we would get our nails done. (This was because Halee got to go to Gramma's and Hannah has been wanting to have this done for quite some time.) So, here she is getting a manicure.

Tuesday evening I went to Big Timber to meet Peggy and pick up Halee. It was good to have her back home! One of the things that Poppa gave her was this snake. She likes to tie it around her waist. That first night, she slept the whole night with it tied around her waist. She has played with it lots since she has been home.

Wednesday was the big day at the dentist for Hannah. Her two bottom teeth has started coming in and her baby teeth were NOT coming out. So the dentist got to take them out for her. We went to a pediatric dentist. They were SO nice. Everything they did they wanted to be positive. They talked and joked with her the whole time. She got this pink bubble gum smelling nose. They hook that to the laughing gas machine, so the whole time she was smelling bubble gum. She did have to have a shot too, but didn't feel a thing or even know it was a shot. The dentist (Dr. J) puts some jelly on her gums and he blew and they just feel out in his hand (that's how Hannah tells the story). The tooth on the left had the entire root still attached. The tooth on the right was about half way dissolved. So, now the new teeth can make their way forward. I was talking to the dentist today (he called to check on how Hannah was doing) and mentioned that there does not look to be enough space for those teeth to come forward. He said that is true, but the will move forward some and might be crooked but that will cause the jaw bones to start to spread out more. We'll see what the future holds for us in dentristry!

So, in this picture, you can see the top one that is already missing. You can see how the bottom teeth are pretty far back and there is kind of a gap in the front. The picture is a bit blurry because she was being silly and getting as close to the camera as possible!

This evening, the girls were doing their flip trick over Dad's legs. They get going pretty fast and pretty much just flop right over!


Sydni said...

I'm glad everyone is on top of Hannah's teeth situation! Sounds like a fun time... that's really nice.

Sounds too, as though Halee enjoyed her stay with Ed's parents. Cute video too.

The Willenbrecht's said...

What a brave girl Hannah is! The laughing gas wonderful for just this occasion. Glad that is over for her.

BTW...I like the look of your blog. Very nice background!

I am sure after Sarah watches your girls do flips over Ed's legs, she will ask Arie to put his legs up! Looks like fun!

Darci said...

Wow--what an experience for Hannah. A manicure and laughing gas--what more could a girl need!

JeremyNSunny said...

Our Jabba has a 'retained baby tooth'!! It's a little disconcerting 'til you get used to it. Ideally we would have his removed, like Hannah, but ... it seems not to be a threat to his health, so he's still got it. (eek?) Dental work fascinates me ... always has. I had my baby eye teeth removed for the same reason, and never had a problem since.