Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mostly Hannah

In Hannah's class at school, they earn points for good behavior. Once they reached 20 points, they earned a party. The party that they chose was a dress-up party. They dressed up as what ever they wanted to. During the day, they wrote a story about their character. Hannah wanted to dress up as Hannah Montana.

This is the story she wrote: My name is Hannah Mt. You can see me at Wandrlan (Wonderland). My job is to sing. I'm really good at boing krt whe (doing cart wheels). The bravest thing I have done is smlling (smelling) things. My favorite thing to say is Oh man!

Friday was also Hannah's 6th birthday. She got a webkin that she named Briley.

Gramma & Poppa gave her all kinds of little things including a Hannah Montana Barbie. She also got a fingernail kit. Here is Gramma painting her toe nails.

Saturday we went on a hike to Palisade Falls. Ed's mom had never been up there. It was a nice hike.

Here is Hannah playing this new video game that Nana gave her.

Today was early release day at school. All kids got out at 12:30. That made for a perfect day to have a birthday party. 5 friends came over for a Hannah Montana birthday party.

We had a Hannah Montana concert. Each girl got to wear a headset and dance to the Hannah Montana music.

And take a turn at hitting the pinata.

For her birthday, she got a Hannah Montana barbie and surf shop. The girls couldn't wait to give it a try. She also got some Little Pet Shop horses that they played with too.


JeremyNSunny said...

Ffffffffffffffun!! That first pic of her dressed as Hannah Montana had me cracking up!! The little head sets are hilarious! LOL!! The other thing that made me lol was her naming her Webkins "Briley" ... go figure. ;) Cuteness

Tanya said...

Great pictures...are you still thinking about coming? We are WAY excited!

Sydni said...

I too found the humor in the Briley Webkin. Looks like a very fun party. Their birthdays are kind of close together, I'm reminded.