Saturday, September 13, 2008


We have some exciting news! Hannah has lost her 1st tooth! It has been fairly loose for about 3 weeks. She has been eating all foods on the right side so as not to hurt the tooth. Today she and Halee were wrestling together and Halee accidentally bumped her tooth. Then it was really loose but Ed said it wasn't quite ready. She was trying to eat an orange this afternoon and 2 times bit down wrong, I guess, and caused it to bleed. Finally I just told Ed that he needed to get it out (I don't do good with things like that!). Of course, she was dramatic about it and didn't want anyone to look at it or touch it. Ed finally got her to show it to him and he said all it took was a little grab and it came right out! The other top tooth is loose too.

After 10 years, I finally have crown molding above my kitchen cabinets! You say 10 years? Yes. When we were looking for cabinets for our first house in Colorado, that is one thing that I really wanted but we just couldn't afford. Ed said that was a fairly easy thing to do and he would do it later. We moved out 5 years later and never got the crown molding on. We bought a house here in Montana and again I mentioned that I would really like crown molding above my cabinets. We moved out 3 years later and never got that done either. When I ordered my cabinets for this house, I just ordered the crown molding to go with it. I figured that if we actually had it at our house, some day it would get put on. Well, today was the day! I was so excited. I just had to come into the kitchen and look up at it! I mentioned to Ed that if he put the spacer next to the dishwasher and the drawer pulls on, the kitchen would be complete (except for baseboards, which aren't even in the picture yet). He did put the spacer on. He has really been into getting those kinds of projects marked off his list. YEAH! Someday we might actually be done!

This is exciting news that isn't great news. Last week Hannah had a urinary tract infection. The doctor put her on a sulfa-antibotic. That was Thursday. All last week she complained of her side hurting and just not feeling well. I just attributed it to the UTI and medicine. Thursday after school I noticed her cheeks were red and had bumps on them (that is when she got on the bus, so I didn't have a chance to really look at her). By the time we got to gymnastics, she had little red dots all over her body. Ed came and picked her up and took her home while Halee finished her gymnastics class. In the mean time I called the doctor. It seems to be that she allergic to that drug. The pharmasist said that the reaction can occur on the the first dose or the last dose. It just depends how high the level gets in her body until it doesn't like it. That night she got a big dose of Zyrtec and no more of that nasty drug (and some Ibuprofen for the slight fever). In the morning, Ed came to me (I hadn't seen her yet that day) and asked it is was supposed to get worse. I didn't know, but she was red all over - more like a few white spots on a red body (see picture). I gave her her new antibiotic (Amoxicilin) and some more ibuprofen. She didn't want to ride the bus because she didn't want people to call her names. So she went to work with Ed that morning. I called the doctor again and they said that Benedryl was actually better for this kind of thing. She got a teaspon every 4 hours. This morning her face was pretty clear, but her body is still pretty spotty. However, the spots are more of a brown/tan color. She is not itchy either. So, I think we are on the mend. No more sulfa drugs for her!

This is just her back, but her whole body looked like this.

Today was another day spent at home mostly. I worked on filling up the closet shelves that I now have. I got a lot done, but not complete. Will post again when I'm done!


Sydni said...

Wow! That is exciting news. Hannah must be in first grade or something with a mouth starting to look like that. :) At least now you know about the sulfa drugs... eeek. Your crown molding above the cabinets looks GREAT! Thanks for all the pictures.

JeremyNSunny said..., Hannah's reaction!!!!!!! How FREAKY! I don't do well with skin problems; they make my own skin crawl and I get freaked out. strange, i know Poor N has ongoing skin problems (AS DO I), and they just -- eeeuch -- bother me badly. So I feel for your big girl....

Maybe someday in our house we'll have a 'tooth' post. N lost her first tooth at age 4; she freaked out and thought it was broken because we'd not *thought* to tell her that baby teeth fall out, nor were there any children in our life at that time who were teeth-losing age!! Since then she has lost, I think, 16 teeth. She's been busy!! Justus, on the other hand, is nearly 6 1/2 and not even one of his shows any signs of being loose yet, even!! LOL We keep checking them, periodically; he's probably annoyed, though he sweetly just smiles.

Great crown molding! It looks rrrrreally nice!! I'm not one who thinks to notice such things until I'm told about it, so ... :) ... thanks for the education! ha

Tony and Tanya said...

I have your blog right to follow it, so I am following the right family. You are so funny with the crown moulding...enjoy. Yay, Hannah on losing a tooth...Ca is about ready to loose his second, a top one. He lost the last one so never got paid by the tooth fairy. Are you guys gonna do the tooth fairy thing? FUN!
Love you!

And no, Aub did not tell me you called...she only does about half the time. Seems like people only call when I'm in the shower.

Darci said...

Hannah has had quite a week. Tell her I am allergic to sulfa as well. So, how generous is the tooth fairy these days?

You'll be glad to know I finally finished my first posting on my blog. You can find it at I am going to let you view it first before I send the address around to others.