Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spokane, WA

Picking apples
(I still can't figure this out....can't get this where I
want it!) Daddy helping pick the apples that were
out of reach.
Hannah in the Gondola ride over Lower Spokane Falls

Recently we had a few days off of school.  So, we decided to take a little trip.  We went to Spokane, Washington.  There were several attractions we wanted to see.  The first attraction was the Spokane Waterfalls.  You can take a gondola out over the falls.  The falls is located within Riverside Park.  There were several other attractions there like the Big Red Wagon.  
Halee checking out the falls during the gondola ride
Riverside Park
Hannah on the Big Red Wagon Handle Slide

Halee on the big red wagon.
The next attraction that we went to see was Green Bluff Growers.  This is an area where about 30 different farms let you come to pick their produce.  We picked apples from the tree.  We also visited several other farms and got squash and pumpkins. (Insert apple picking pictures here!)
We found some REALLY big banana squash at one of the farms
The Fall colors were beautiful!
 We also toured the town looking for letterboxes.  We found the 2 we were in search of.
We found 2 letterboxes
We visited the Spokandy Chocolate Factory

The result of our apples - homemade apple pie filling.


Sydni said...

That looks like a great trip! Your apple pie filling is beautiful and all done in advance (my favorite)! If you ever want to make applesauce I have a food mill you could borrow and detailed instructions. (you may already know and have all of that or not even like applesauce)