Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harvest 2010

This year we had big expectations for our garden that did not come to fruition. We tripled the size of our garden, planted several rows of different veggies. The cool summer and huge hail storm did not help!
For over a month, I have been gathering the necessary supplies to can beets, one of Ed's favorites. I borrowed a pressure cooker, had to buy the pressure gauge, found the recipe and read up one what to do. Today was the day! I went out this morning pick the beets and found that the voles really like them. So, needless to say, 6 beets is not worthing canning! I will cook them up for dinner and Ed can eat on them this week. He's a bit disappointed.
The items that grew well are the squash and pumpkins. For some reason I thought we would need 2 rows of yellow squash. What was I thinking? We have more squash than we know what to do with. The voles like it too, so I am sure they will get their fair share.

We do have 2 good size pumpkins. Someone told me that you should carve the kids names in them and when the grow, the names will be scarred into them. You can see Halee's name on the bottom of the pumpkin (along with vole teeth marks!).

Another item that actually grew were the carrots. Last year was my first year to grow carrots. Someone shared a tip that in the fall when you pull the carrots, tear the tops off and put them in a ziplock bag. Do not clean them! They will keep in the fridge until next year. Last year we had carrots until January.

3 gallon ziplock bags full of carrots!

The girls have been waiting until they could have a carrot from the garden. (We have company this weekend and they are all enjoying carrots!)

Happy Harvest!