Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our New Toy

Ed got a new toy! His parents have given us one of their 4-wheelers. We brought it home last weekend, and I think it has been riden every day since! The kids love it.

We haven't purchased 4-wheeler helmets, so for those around-the-block rides, they have been wearing their ski helmets.

Here Hannah is waiting for her turn.

And it's time to go!

Halee is being her usual self while waiting for her turn.

Ed is showing her how to push the throttle. She pushed it alright!

Up to this point, Ed has been having them sit in the front. They wondered if they both could ride on the back. Here they go!

Have fun! Stay safe!

Here they come! The first movie is Hannah and the second movie is Halee.


Sydni said...

Tons of fun!!

So far I've only rolled one on two separate occasions... I'm glad they are wearing helments!