Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

Halloween night here in Bozeman, Montana was very mild. The high for the day was around 68. So, we didn't have to bundle up to go trick or treating. Here is Hannah Montana and a beautiful princess ready to go.

We basically had the neighborhood to ourselves. We visited probably about 15-20 houses and got a sack full. We didn't see anyone else out! Plus only 3 people rang our doorbell. But the girls made out. When we got home, they dumped out their bags and we gave them 15 minutes to eat all that they wanted. Then put it away. That seemed to work fine. They had fun!


Sydni said...

Cute! It WAS really warm that night.

JeremyNSunny said...

Wow!! You've been up to fun stuff lately. That's interesting about Hannah carving a pumpkin practically by herself! Shooee, that can be really hard work! Oooh, those mystery dinners are fun! :) I think I've participated in only one so far in my life! And ... as always, THANK YOU for posting a few pictures of our beloved church folks.... "More, please!" :) heehee

The Willenbrecht's said...
There is one too many http's in the link for the photos. But, I got there and those are nice photos! I think you picked the black background with everyone looking straight forward and maybe the Christmas background with the girl's hands down. Am I right? Beautiful family!