Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer 2010

I know it has been a while since I made a post. We are just very busy and finding time to download pictures is not top priority! So, here is a brief version of what he have been up to...

In May, we made our journey to Florida to visit DisneyWorld. This is a dream I have had since I was small and it finally came true. We had a blast. Of course that trip should have a blog of it's own, so I will just give you a few highlights.

We arrived on May 9th. Monday we began our journey at Animal Kingdom. Here we are in front of the tree of life.

Tuesday we visited Epcot.

Wednesday we made our way to Hollywood Studios.

We saved the best for last...Thursday we visited Magic Kingdom. We bought tickets for 5 days and decided to visit Magic Kingdom for 2 of those days...Thursday and Saturday.

Friday, we took a break from DisneyWorld and went out to play in the ocean.

We picked this day in particular because one thing Ed has always wanted to see was a space shuttle launch. We ended up on a beach about 30 miles south (because we were not willing to sit in traffic).

It seems like we spent most of June at Yellowstone Bible Camp. We went there for Memorial Day weekend and our family camp. We were home a week and then back for Elementary Camp. During that week, we shot off a few fireworks at home and then went to the Kmart parking lot to see the city show.

The girls got a little scared because one of the fireworks fell over and started shooting towards us. So, they decided to watch from the garage.

This year I was able to cook at Elementary Camp. This camp is much different from what we are used to...more structured most of the time. This is the class of Pre-Campers.

Camp is also a good place to make great friendships. Here is Halee and Emma.

and Hannah and Lindsey.

A very talented artist painted this picture perfect place. This was the theme of Elementary Camp this year.

Hannah came home for camp and went directly to a birthday party. At this party she got 10 strands of blue tinsel tied into her hair and her fingernails painted. So much fun!

It has finally warmed up here in Bozeman. We are hitting the 80's most every day now. So, the girls got the slip and slide out one day.

Last week, Ed's family came to town. This is Ed's cousin Charissa whom we haven't seen in several years.

They decided to go camping up at Hyalite. Monday evening we invited our YAC group to join us for dinner.

Hannah at the creek with Charissa and Arthur.

Yesterday was a great day to float the river. The girls wanted to try to tube it. It didn't last long, but great intentions!

Ed let them row a while so that he could fish. We mostly went in circles down the river because they were each rowing in different directions.

And now we are heading to Wyoming Bible Camp. Summer is coming to an end, but it's been fun!