Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We have been busy in January with skiing. Both of the girls are enrolled in ski school which occurs every Saturday in Januray. (One more to go!) It has been fun and the girls have enjoyed it a lot. Week before last Halee got her turns figured out and so last week we let her ski by herself. She still is a bit out of control, but she can turn when necessary. (She was cruising down the hill and was getting really close to a tree and I was getting very nervous, but she turned at the last moment!) Hannah loves to ski. The more difficult the better. There is the short little run that is called Hully Gully that she has to go on every time. It's a little gully with lots of trees and rocks. (I have never been down it - I have Ed go with her!) She loves it!

This is Halee in ski class. She is the first one going around the cones.


Halee - it was pretty cold that day

In the mornings they have ski class and in the afternoons we all go together. Here is Halee on the chair lift.
Halee skiing on her own.

Hannah's class has been studying penguins. They also have a behavior management game they play that if the class as a whole is good, they earn a point. When they get to a certain number of points, they get a party. Since they were studying penguins, they had a penguin party. The brought penguin treats (we had oreos that I took one cookie off, cut and half and put back on split apart for wings and put a kiss for the head), dressed as penguins, made a penguin snack out of marshmellows, and watched a penguin movie.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Since Christmas ...

You may be wondering what we have been up to since Christmas. Well, the answer is not much! We had a nice relaxing Christmas at home and actually stayed home the rest of the break. Saturday after Christmas we hit the slops for the first time this year. Hannah and I went up again Wednesday for just the afternoon. After bible class on Wednesday we stayed at the church buillding playing games until 10:45, when Halee hit breaking point. Thursday we just stayed home. Well, actually Ed headed for Colorado, but we stayed home. Saturday, the 3rd we our first day of ski school. Halee actually gets to be in ski school this year. YEAH! Maybe she can gain some skill in turning and then we can all ski together. Sunday was Sunday and back to the grind on Monday. That about sums it up! It was very nice to just stay home and relax over the break and not have to rush anywhere.

Hannah skiing

Halee enjoying her Chocolate Milk

Sunday evening church services was really long (2 hours). Halee was getting a bit bored and started digging thru my purse. She got all the money I had ($2 and some change). She played with it for a while, then put it in her shoes. Then she wore her shoes like that for the rest of the evening!

This week I introduced Halee to a computer game. This the first time she has gotten to play on the computer on her own. She was pretty excited about it. (In fact she is now asking me to hurry up so she can play her letter game!)

The girls have been into building forts. Thursday when I got home they had the couch cushions off and were building forts. That lasted most of the evening. They made these "bedrooms."

Hannah's bedroom didn't have a roof!

Last night and tonight they have gone into Halee's room to play Barbies.

Hannah making cinnabon cinnamon rolls with the easy bake.